Vacation on the horizon!


Just one more week to go and we’ll be heading of to sunny Curacao! Can’t wait. It’s been two years since I’ve last been there and quite frankly it is the only destination where we can’t seem to be getting enough of. It’s my fourth time in this tiny country. So go figure.

Beautiful small 'Klein Curacao' which is great for spending a day!

Press trip

The last trip I made to Curacao was in 2017 and it was a press trip. Which always sounds rather nice and it is, but in a way it is also work. It’s not a holiday despite what people like to think. There is always a program and you’re expected to do certain things. But ok, I’ll admit there are worse jobs out there! Haha…

Looks like I’m having a hard time right? 😉

This time it is just the two of us and that means relax time! I’ll be back with more pics and updates so stay tuned!



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