Feast for the eyes – exhibition

Feast for the eyes exhibition amsterdam

Food Photography

I have to confess I was pretty exited when I heard there was going to be an exhibition on food photography in the foam museum in Amsterdam. I am definitely not a big fan of museums but when it is about something so close to my heart… it’s a different story.

Old weight watchers recipe cards

Tom was under the impression we would be spending hours there and while I was a little less convinced we would be there so long, I still thought (or hoped) it would be cool. First of all: you pay an entrance fee for the museum which is € 15,- per person. Quite a hefty price for a museum this small.

And yes it was fun to see all those old pictures but I was rather disappointed in what was on display. Most of those old photos are the kind I would have been able to see in just about any old cookbook (and I have a few) It kind of felt like a random collection of old photos, some – like the one below – so bad I wonder why they would be there in the first place.

Not sure why these would even be on display!

I also missed anything more modern. There were a few pieces that were from 2015 or around that time, but… those were supposed to be shot with the seventies in mind! So not really new. There are plenty of artists out there these days that have amazing work. I realize my work falls in the commercial category and not in the ‘arts’ category so I get why something like that wouldn’t be on display but common… they could have found something that was modern and beautiful!

So as far as I’m concerned it is one you can easily skip. For € 30,- we could have gone out for lunch and shot our own image… 😉



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