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Cold feet

Now that the site is out in the open, I find it a little hard to tell you my real identity.. So for now that will remain a secret until I think I am confident enough to display and to be honest, that might never happen. So there… it’s out. You know my first name (Isabel) so what more do you need to know anyway? 🙂  But you don’t come here to think about my personality right?

I would imagine people to come here to learn about things. Maybe something about nutrition. Or to find comfort in knowing there is someone out there that is crazier than he or she. Or to find a buddy. Someone to talk to. Someone to listen in times of need or whatever.

Maybe you guessed that I have other blogs too. And that is the reason I do now want to display my true name. I mean, if someone really wants to know who I am that would be easy enough. Given that everything on the internet is totally not secure and everything on the internet is out in the open. So I would be surprised if no one discovered my true identity. And that’s ok too. It’s not as if I’m ashamed of who I am. Maybe I am ashamed for starting another blog. Hahaha….

And maybe no one will ever come here. Let’s face it: there are a gazillion blogs out there and one is prettier than the next.

O and I do know this site used to belong to someone else. Just in case anyone thinks I am that same person. I purchased the domainname a while ago as it fit my state of mind perfectly.


Hi! My name is Isabel and I am a 30+ girl who loves good food, enjoys travel and is a bit of a workaholic, blogaholic and a catlover. I work at an office during the day.

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