And than there was…

rabarber hazelnoot cake-1

Due to an overdose in hosting companies I had to move over the site to a new location. And than I started reading the content that is already here and realize it’s been so long ago! So here is a little picture of my favorite red cat. Humphrey…. And you might see me here more […]

Happy birthday Humphrey, Sookie & Buffy


Happy birthday to the cats!!! Whoohoo!! Can you still remember the moment we got those three little devils here? O how shy they were that very first day!! Hiding behind the couch all together on one tiny pillow.. Not that they stayed timid for very long and as a matter of fact while I am […]

Getting creative… sort of…


Every once in a while a friend and I pick a creative workshop to do. It’s always great fun and while it’s not always necessarily a thing I’ll be doing ever again it’s still a nice way to spend the time together and creating something. We’ve done a lot of ‘greenery’ things, like making christmas […]

Happy birthday to me.. ;)


Yes, another year older… Can’t believe how fast time is flying by really. I figured a cake with just the one candle would be sufficient in telling you that I am a whole year older.. Lol… Last year has been a so-so year. With Tom still being unemployed things have been a bit more difficult. […]

Tetebatu – Lombok


Thinking back on our trip around the Sunda islands I think the place that has made the biggest impression was definitely Tetebatu. Possibly not because I was feeling so well at that time…. We had booked our trip during Ramedan. Not really realizing this when we planned and apart from a few stores closing earlier […]